The hotel has a parking lot that is owned by another owner. It is situated approximately 30 meters from the building. Hotel has around 20 spots reserved, in case of need other spaces are available in the neighbouring plots.

From April to November is the parking lot free of charge for our guests.

In winter, meaning from December to the end of March, is the parking lot guarded by security and is paid.

The price is 100 CZK for a car per day.  That means that a weeks stay comes to 700 CZK.

In addition to this parking lot, others are available. They are public and are marked P3 and P4. They are approximately 700 meters from the hotel and are used for long time periods. They are also paid, in a similar amount.

We do encourage all our guests to use only properly marked parking lots. Especially in winter standing outside of the marked areas can cause troubles with road maintenance and can be fined.