Hotel Starý mlýn is for many years used as upcountry for companies, groups and other social gatherings and we do have a rich experience in this direction. The hotel can provide two convention rooms, from which one is used for seminars, events, meetings or entertainment and the other one is used for refreshment and eating. In case of need it is possible to swap use of these two convention rooms. Their area is 80 and 100 m2 and based on the tables setting it is possible to fit in each of them 40–50 places for sitting.

Hotel Starý mlýn grilování II

Both rooms do provide flip chart, DVD-player, data projector, high speed internet connection (LAN + Wi-Fi), quality audio equipment and microphone. 

It is possible to provide refreshments when the event takes place. We are able to provide from beverages to coffee breaks up to rich cold or warm buffet.

Hotel Starý mlýn jídelna büffe

Especially in summer the grill buffet is popular. It is held in the hotel garden and can provide sitting places for up to 80 guests. Our employees can prepare rich buffet with a lot of food, while the chef serves specialities directly from the grill and the beer is served right on the green lawn.

Hotel Starý mlýn terasa

It is possible to hire the whole go-cart race track including the staff for the purposes of team building or just for the purpose of free entertainment. Go-carts can provide an adrenalin experience but with a high level of safety. Digital timekeeping is giving the opportunity to organize races of teams or individuals and consequential announcement of winners including medal, prizes or diploma awarding.

Hotel Starý mlýn vyhlášení vítězů

The satisfaction of our guests comes from our individual approach and our effort to fulfil wishes and little things that do get declined elsewhere.

Hotel Starý mlýn táborák v zimě

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