Apart from private Finish sweat lodge, that is described in the previous bookmark, we do offer a number of procedures in the wellness category.

Everything is provided a certified professionals with years of experience. These services are provided to the guests of our hotel based on reservations made on the hotel reception in advance. It is also possible to order a service separately covered or use a bargain offer from number of Packages, that do have wellness procedures as part of them.

We do also offer rehabilitation and relaxation massages, massage with lava stones, honey or chocolate detoxify massage.

After a whole day on ski or a hiking tour you are able to enjoy a sports massage and prepare your body for another day of your active holiday.

High quality therapeutical massages, do include a 50minute massage from a experienced therapist and will relax your whole body, liberalize energy rails and blocks. It will be not only relaxation for your body but for your mind as well, due to the combination of aromatherapy, reflexology, acupressure and Reiki therapy. This therapy is also very useful to help from overwork, stress and lack of rest.

Especially women do have the tendency to suffer from insufficiently working lymphatic system, that is responsible fro releasing toxins from body. In this case will help manual lymphatic drain, that does take 90 minutes. It is also very fair, sensitive and relaxing, which is always appreciated by women.

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